Top Home Improvements to Pair with a New Home Solar PV Installation

Once you go solar, you never look back...or you do, and realize that a lot of that free energy is going to waste in your home. A plethora of inefficient appliances, aging windows and doors, and low-rated heating and cooling equipment can gobble down that free solar energy fast, forcing you to rely on a costly or fuel-heavy generator instead.

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Winterizing Your Flooded Lead Acid Solar Batteries

Winterization is an important part of wet (flooded) cell battery maintenance. If your renewable energy system's battery bank uses wet (flooded) lead acid batteries, be sure to follow your battery manufacturer's maintenance guidelines (or ours here).

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With its sticky interior and waterproof exterior, duct tape has long been known for both its utility and its versatility. But its true potential is often overlooked and underappreciated. So just how useful is this stuff?

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Exploring Primitive Camping for Off-Grid Enthusiasts

If you're committed to going off-grid or have fully embraced an off-the-grid lifestyle, primitive camping can be much more than just a vacation. It can become your way of life.

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Is Cleaning Your House Bad for the Environment and Your Health?

As an off-gridder, protecting the environment is likely to be one of your foremost concerns. You'll no doubt be keen to limit the harmful chemicals used in your home, and household cleaners should be top of your list. The chemicals that they contain are common air and water pollutants, and what's more, the very substances used to keep your home clean and free from allergens can actually cause allergy-like symptoms that damage your health.

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A Guide to Campfire Cooking

03/26/2017 15:23

Who doesn't love a warm and abundant fire while out in the wilderness? Not only does a campfire provide warmth and ambiance, but it's a great way to enjoy a delicious meal. The unique flavors that come from a campfire meal are worth the wait. But first you'll need to build the perfect fire.

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