Ch...Ch...Ch...Changes at the Solar Living Center

Flow Kana together with us at the SLI have many plans for further development at the Solar Living Center. We're looking to do a Biodynamic Demonstration Garden, a much deeper planting of our gorgeous landscaping, turning it into a veritable 'Garden of Eden,' and an exciting Solar/Cannabis/Back-to-the-Land museum that highlights Mendocino County's role in the solar movement, the organic movement, the anti-GMO movement, and the early Cannabis movement...

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Free Summer Solstice Event at the Solar Living Center

Join us June 20, 2019 for a free event at our famous Solar Living Center (aka EcoTerra) on Highway 101 in Hopland to celebrate the summer solstice!

The event runs from 4pm - 7pm and there will be a ceremony and live music!

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San Francisco Chronicle Features Real Goods in Cannabis Tourism Article

With cannabis tourism starting to boom in Northern California, the San Francisco Chronicle took a trip to Real Goods' home - the Solar Living Center.

The Solar Living Center was recently purchased by cannabis distribution company Flow Kana, who intends to use the beautiful 12-acre site as a cannabis history and demonstration site complete with a visitor's center.

Read the San Francisco Chronicle article featuring Real Goods and the burgeoning cannabis tourism industry.

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Flow Kana is Buying the Solar Living Center

We've got big news: Real Goods founder and former president John Schaeffer is selling the 12-acre Solar Living Center (also known as the EcoTerra Center) to Mendocino-based cannabis distribution company Flow Kana.

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NBC News Profiles Real Goods' Place in the Off-Grid Movement

Check out NBC News' video piece and accompanying article on Real Goods' impact on the "back to the land" off-grid living movement that started in the 1960s and continues stronger than ever today!

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People Love Real Goods on Yelp

We're proud to have been awarded the "People Love Us On Yelp" badge for 2017. Yelp reserves these badges for its top-rated businesses, including the Real Goods Store!

The Real Goods Store has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Yelp. Come visit the store at the Solar Living Center and you'll see why people love it there so much (there's lots more to do there than shop).

And if you've already paid us a visit, consider writing a Yelp review about your experience.

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