SunHawk Farms Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our hand-picked olives are cold-pressed using our neighbors' classic Italian mill immediately after harvest. We harvest our olives at the perfect time to ensure this delicious blend of rich buttery flavor (from black olives) combined with the pungent peppery flavor of the highly sought-after polyphenol antioxidants (from green olives).

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Wood Stove Cookery

08/17/2016 16:02

Wood Stove Cookery

For anyone considering going off the grid, one decision they are faced with is how they'll cook meals since an electric range is out of the question. Most opt for a propane or gas stove. But there is another often overlooked and underutilized option - a wood burning cook stove.

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SunHawk Olive Oil Independent Lab Analysis

For all you olive oil connoisseurs out there, check out the exceptional results we received from Agbiolab, an independent laboratory analysis of this year's olive harvest. Some points of interest:

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The Tie Between Fermented Foods and Freedom

Self-care starts with a healthy immune system, which is my top defense against disease. Since 80% of my active immune system is located in my intestines, maintenance of healthy gut flora is critical to maintaining my health.

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More Information Coming to Light About Olive Oil Purity and Fraud

Dr. Joseph Mercola has written an extensive article on olive oil purity and fraud – including the Italian mafia's involvement. His article also contains a video of his conversation on this subject with investigative journalist and food critic Larry Olmsted.

Olive oil fraud (like diluting the olive oil with cheaper oils and misusing the "extra virgin" label) is estimated to affect 75-90% of olive oil purchased in American grocery stores.

SunHawk Farms Olive Oil is TRUE 100% extra virgin olive oil. Get some today!

A Guide to Campfire Cooking

03/26/2017 15:23

Who doesn't love a warm and abundant fire while out in the wilderness? Not only does a campfire provide warmth and ambiance, but it's a great way to enjoy a delicious meal. The unique flavors that come from a campfire meal are worth the wait. But first you'll need to build the perfect fire.

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