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7 Tips for Second-Season Crop Planting

The singular term "planting season" is a bit of a misnomer. Based on where you are, there may be several planting seasons rather than merely springtime. Gardeners around the country in all plant hardiness zones can learn something from these tips for second-season gardening.

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Water Conservation and the Food You Eat

We all know that house cleaning, clothes washing, and showering/bathing uses water, but a much less obvious source of our water consumption footprint comes from the production of the food we eat.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Lettuce to Grow at Home

There are numerous varieties of lettuce with varying leaf shapes, colors, and tastes. But to make things simpler and help you decide which varieties might be best for your own garden, we can effectively break all lettuces into four groups with similar characteristics. Here is an overview of the different types of lettuce you can grow at home, followed by some general tips for raising a great crop.

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Off-Grid Cooking Without Power

Having an alternative and electricity-free cooking method is the only way to truly be prepared for survival (plus it's an excellent way to conserve energy and save money). And it's easy - with a little practice, you can learn how to cook off-grid.

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Tips For Maintaining a Garden Off the Grid

Gardening in a traditional urban home connected to the municipal water, sewer, gas, and electricity systems is a very different prospect from working the land off the grid. What tips do newcomers to off grid living need?

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Finding Your Gardening Style

04/27/2018 10:03

Finding Your Gardening Style

Of course we want to make our gardens beautiful. But many of us share a concern of saving water. So what kind of garden style can you find that fits all of your needs? Here is some information to help answer that question and help you develop some great ideas along the way.

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