How Solar Panels Can Enable Senior Citizens

Solar energy is not the reserve of the young or technologically minded. Cheaper than ever, and relatively simple, it instead is there for all age brackets. Find out why seniors, more than others, could well stand to benefit over and above their friends and relatives in other age groups.

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Choosing the Right Renewable Energy Source for Your Home

There are many forms of viable renewable energy sources, and picking the one or two that best suit the needs of your home is key to maximizing cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Here are the different types of renewable energies used domestically along with their advantages and limitations to help you make an informed decision.

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What Determines the Lifespan of a Solar Panel?

There's an old maxim that nothing lasts forever, and solar panels are no exception. But why do solar panels die? And how can you ensure your panels have a long, useful life?

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MidNite Solar Classic Charge Controller System Sizing Tool

This PV system sizing tool helps you select the best MidNite Solar Classic MPPT Charge Controller for your solar power system. By entering your solar panels' specs below, you'll be able to determine how many you can use with each MidNite Solar Classic Charge Controller and how the array should be configured.

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My New Solar RV

09/23/2017 11:32

My New Solar RV

My new Winnebago View RV (I just bought it this year) is an amazing machine and a home on the road! With 300 Watts charging all day, there is really no need for an electrical hookup, which means I can be much more selective when it comes to finding a nice spot to take it camping.

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The Joys of Summertime Electric Vehicle Charging

One of my favorite things about summer is that I can charge my Tesla S-90 off of my home solar system and not deplete my energy.

In the Winter, and even in late Fall and early Spring, there just isn't enough power to charge my car given the amount of sun and the amount of hydroelectric power I generate from my home system.

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