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Why You Should Upgrade to Lithium Batteries for RV/Marine

Is using lithium batteries in boats, campers, and RVs really the best way to go despite the higher upfront cost? When taking into account depth of discharge, cycle count, charge/discharge rate, physical specs, temperature conditions, maintenance, and safety, the answer is undeniably "yes"...

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Two Ways To Get Amped, Three Ways To Get Charged

What do you get when you cross one partner's love for coffee and baking, with the other's can-do attitude and draw to renewable energy? A solar-powered café on wheels...

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DIY Home Energy Audit Checklist

Improvements in your home's electrical, heating and cooling efficiency can be achieved through simple changes. For easy tips on how to increase the energy efficiency of your house, see the accompanying checklist.

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How to Reduce Air Pollution in Your Home

Air pollution should not be in your house...but it probably is. Follow the simple yet effective steps from this guide and enjoy clean air inside your home!

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Why is Off-Grid Living Good For Your Mental Health?

Off-grid living has the power to improve mental health by restoring the real sense of freedom, empowerment, and purpose many of us today seem to lack. When you're in the position to rely on your own resources and capabilities to solve your problems, your mental health will naturally improve.

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How to Care for Animals While You're Living Off-Grid

It takes a lot of work to maintain land, and those who make the decision to live off the grid may find themselves needing to care for pets and/or livestock.

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