Are Tiny Houses Good for Long-Term Living?

01/24/2019 18:25

Are Tiny Houses Good for Long-Term Living?

Haven't heard about tiny houses? Here's what you need to know: At no more than 500 square feet, tiny houses are built either on wheels or on a foundation and focus on a simple, minimalist way of living. Highly popular in eco-conscious circles, these tiny abodes boast purposeful designs that stay far away from wastefulness.

Tiny houses on wheels offer all the comforts of a standard home in a mobile, small space. You can wake up to a new view whenever you choose. Just remember, you'll need to research your local laws when it comes to residing full-time. In contrast to a tiny house on wheels, a tiny house on foundations is constructed similarly to a residential home - just on a far smaller scale.

Although tiny homes can offer nearly everything a residential home does, how does a person live in such a small space for an extended period of time? Let's take a look at some reasons why tiny houses make excellent long-term homes.

Tumbleweed Tiny House in Hopland, CA

1. Tiny Houses Offer Off-Grid Comfort

The ability to get away from it all is a huge draw for tiny house hopefuls who are interested in homesteading or living off grid, full-time. Stocked with everything from a kitchen with full-size appliances to a bathtub; these tiny houses can provide the ultimate in comfortable off grid living. If you're interested in learning more about living beyond the grid, check out the Solar Living Sourcebook for some trusted insight.

2. Tiny Houses Functional, High-Quality Designs

Tables that fold down from the wall, stairs with built-in storage - the possibilities are nearly endless. Compact, highly-efficient designs and high-efficiency off-grid appliances are the name of the game when it comes to tiny houses. Making your day-to-day life more efficient with highly functional spaces is key to ensuring long-lasting comfort.

3. Tiny Houses Encourage Green Living

Tiny living is the gateway to eco-friendly living; less energy is required to power a smaller space! Additionally, green appliances like composting toilets that need no electricity or running water are the perfect solution for living without relying on the grid. The reduction of clutter is another bonus when thinking in terms of eliminating items with heavy plastic packaging. Living in a tiny house for the long term comes with a greener lifestyle that benefits our planet in the long run. After all, there is no planet B!

Off-grid tiny house on a trailer

The Takeaway

Tiny houses can be ideal for long-term living. They perfectly combine comfort, quality, efficiency, and greener practices. However, this isn't to say it comes with a lifestyle that works for every type of person. If the idea of living with less space makes you cringe, then a tiny house may not be for you. Give the tiny life a test run by renting a tiny house on Airbnb or staying in a tent for a longer period of time.

Living in a tiny house is about more than just the house - it's about the lifestyle that comes with it. It's about focusing on what matters most in life: our friends, our family, our passions, and our planet earth.

Guest blogger Molli McGeeMolli McGee is a U.S. citizen currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from writing about tiny houses, Molli loves to be at the beach and eat food (often at the same time). As an avid surfer and beach-goer, she does her best to promote a sustainable way of living.

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