altE Powers Holiday Lights at the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

12/18/2019 17:51

altE Powers Holiday Lights at the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

Photo courtesy of HALPS.

After an underwater power cable failed in September 2019, the 20-year tradition of lighting the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse in Upstate New York with holiday lights was in doubt. While the lighthouse's navigation light was unaffected (it is powered by an existing PV system the Coast Guard had installed years ago), power for the decorative holiday lights needed a new source.

Facing a weather-related deadline and working with the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society (HALPS) and local electrical engineer Peter Rowland, altE designed a small three-panel PV system that ensures the holiday lights will stay on all winter long.

Read the full article about the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse's Off-Grid Holiday Lights - including details about the system's equipment - over at the altE blog.


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