10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill at Home

09/28/2017 11:24

1. Use a Washing Up Bowl

When you do the dishes by hand, use a refillable bowl to save $40 a year in energy bills! When you leave warm tap water running while doing the dishes, your water heater is working constantly and you tend to waste a lot of water straight down the drain. Use a washing up bowl to save on water and cut down energy bills.

2. Upgrade to High-Efficiency Light Bulbs

LED bulbs are the way forward (you probably already knew that). LED bulbs use just 10% of the energy a standard halogen light bulb uses...but did you know they're now produced in all different shapes and sizes and are just as bright as halogen bulbs? You can now find these energy-saving light bulbs for every lamp, nightlight, and spotlight in (and outside) your house.

3. Use Dimmer Switches

A dimmer switch is a fixture you can install all over your house to dim the lights by a little or a lot. Not only is mood lighting a cool feature to have, but dimming your lights by just 10% can double the lifespan of your light bulbs!

4. Check Energy Ratings

ENERGY STAR logoYou could save up to $120 a year in electricity just by making smart choices when it comes to buying new appliances. Look for the ENERGY STAR label, which indicates the appliance offers energy savings in addition to quality and performance. The ENERGY STAR rating helps you select the most energy-efficient appliances possible.

5. Reduce Shower Times

A hot bath is super relaxing, right? So why not save them for special occasions and switch to short showers instead? Encourage the kids to take short showers by giving prizes to anyone who can be in and out of the shower in under 5 minutes. You'll save energy and reduce your water bill, especially if you add an easy-to-install shower flow regulator to further reduce water use.

6. Educate the Next Generation

Saving energy can be boring for kids who want to spend all day playing video games and surfing the net, but if they really understood the impact of their actions they might be more inclined to help! Teach kids from an early age how we harvest energy and the importance of conserving what we have - and, of course, the magic of solar panels.

7. Limit Time Spent Online

The less time you spend online, the less power your devices are guzzling. You can do this easily by turning off the Wi-Fi on your phone to stop background apps taking up energy and broadband behind the scenes. Kids tend to use a variety of different devices at the same time, so try to limit how many devices they can use at once!

8. Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers are plug-in machines that slowly add moisture to the air in your house, stopping the air drying out and retaining warmth. You could save a lot of energy that would have gone on heating with a humidifier! The most effective place to put a humidifier is where you need it most (also not that it will be more effective in smaller areas).

9. Get a Smart Meter

Did you know that a lot of energy companies offer smart meters for free? Some will even come to your house and fit it for you! The smart meter shows you how much energy you're using in monetary figures, so you can get a grasp on how much energy you're using. To drill down and find out what your most expensive-to-operate appliances are, try our Kill-a-Watt meter, a Real Goods customer favorite!

10. Install Loft Insulation

Heat rises, so as you turn up the heating you'll find a lot of warm air circling round the top of your house and escaping out the roof. To save that heat and cut energy costs, make use of the government grant for loft insulation. You could save over $180 a year just by insulating your roof!

Like these tips? You can find over 100 more ways to save electricity and cut your electricity bill here.

Guest blogger Brenden Carr of CaztecBrenden Carr is the owner of the family run electrical company Caztec. When he is not out on jobs with his sons and team, he regularly offers his insight and tips to those who have little or no knowledge about the industry. He does this not only because he enjoys it, but also to raise awareness about why you should hire professionals or at least know the safety procedures when carrying out a DIY job.


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