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Why is Off-Grid Living Good For Your Mental Health?

Off-grid living has the power to improve mental health by restoring the real sense of freedom, empowerment, and purpose many of us today seem to lack. When you're in the position to rely on your own resources and capabilities to solve your problems, your mental health will naturally improve.

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Real Goods is Changing on June 1

I wanted to share with everyone two announcements about Real Goods:

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Ch...Ch...Ch...Changes at the Solar Living Center

Flow Kana together with us at the SLI have many plans for further development at the Solar Living Center. We're looking to do a Biodynamic Demonstration Garden, a much deeper planting of our gorgeous landscaping, turning it into a veritable 'Garden of Eden,' and an exciting Solar/Cannabis/Back-to-the-Land museum that highlights Mendocino County's role in the solar movement, the organic movement, the anti-GMO movement, and the early Cannabis movement...

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