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NLR - Black Owl Biochar


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For soil preservation, cleanup, and bioretention, this OMRI-listed biochar is a green and affordable alternative to activated carbon.

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Black Owl Biochar

Black Owl Biochar's Environmental Ultra is for use in bioretention systems, soil preservation and cleanup, and low impact development (LID) solutions as an affordable alternative to activated carbon. With greater than 80% organic carbon and a surface area of approximately 800 square meters per gram, the International Biochar Initiative's (IBI) ratings place Black Owl Biochar's Environmental Ultra in its highest class.

Black Owl Biochar Features

  • Remediates sediments and wetlands
  • Removes 99.5% of most problem heavy metals
  • Filters stormwater
  • Removes DOD, TSS, and toxins
  • Immobilizes biopathogens such as E.coli/Salmonella
  • Improves tilth of soils, creating greater aeration in heavy, complexing sandier soils
  • Retains nutrients and water, keeping them from leaching
  • Increases cation exchange functions in soil, boosting nutrient availability
  • Hosts microbes and fungi, increasing colonization in root zone and diversifying soil ecosystem
  • Acts as a catalyst for releasing sorbed water as conditions dictate
  • Reduces off-gassing of Ch4, NO2, and other GHGs
  • Increases pH and replaces some liming requirements of acid soils
  • Reduces need for watering
  • Accelerate the composting process, and help its aeration
  • Reduces or eliminates compost odors
  • Improves the quality and efficacy of compost
  • Acts as a carbon sink

Black Owl Biochar Specs

Sold by volume, not weight. 1.25 qts (1.38 liters) - 4.3 oz.

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