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Aquatec Submersible Diaphragm Pump (SWP-6000)


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A heavy-duty, American-made DC well pump ideal for remote or off-grid use. Operates on 12-30VDC.


Aquatec Submersible Diaphragm Pump - 12/24VDC (SWP-6000)

The Aquatec SWP-6000 Submersible Diaphragm Pump delivers up to 5 gallons of water per minute at a fraction of the price of a comparable Grundfos submersible pump. The Aquatec SWP-6000 installs easily with no special tools, and is ideal for off-grid well pumping applications for homes, irrigation, livestock, ponds, and more.

This submersible deep well diaphragm pump fits well casings 6" or larger. It is made in the USA from high-grade materials that are safe for potable water, including a stainless steel exterior shell that resists corrosion while submerged. The SWP-6000 operates from any 12-30 volt DC power source, including modern 60- or 72-cell PV modules or 12- or 24-volt battery banks.

The suggested solar panel or array for best performance is 180W or larger.

Aquatec SWP-6000 Submersible Diaphragm Pump Features

  • Fits well casings 6" or larger
  • Protected from moisture intrusion by double O-ring seals
  • Runs DC-direct straight from a solar panel
  • Pumps from depths of up to 120 feet
  • Operates on a range of 12-30 DC voltages
  • Rugged stainless steel shell construction for optimal durability and corrosion resistance
  • Factory-installed motor leads eliminate failure from improperly field-installed leads
  • Dual‐size outlet port can accommodate ½" hose barb and ½" drop pipe (0.622" ID) or ⅝" hose barb
  • Constructed with materials that are FDA-approved for potable water (rated to NSF 018 for drinking water)
  • Anti‐wicking cable entrance protects the motor from an incorrectly installed splice
  • Oversized eyelet for easy installation of safety line
  • Built‐in 50 mesh stainless steel screen to prevent debris intrusion
  • Field-serviceable with Aquatec repair kits
  • 1-year warranty
  • Recyclable packaging

SWP-6000 performance table

Aquatec SWP-6000 Submersible Diaphragm Pump Specs

  • 16" L x 5¾" diameter (fits 6" well casings and larger)
  • 12.5 lbs
  • Voltage: 12-30 VDC
  • Max flow: 5 gpm
  • Max head/pressure: 120' / 52 psi
  • Max submersion depth: 100'
  • Inlet: 50 mesh stainless steel screen
  • Outlet: dual port for ½" inner diameter hose barb tubing or ½" poly pipe (equivalent to ⅝" inner diameter hose barb tubing)
  • Motor: permanent magnet DC
  • Power: 150W
  • Max current: 5 amps
  • 7.5 amp (automotive) fuse
  • Manufacturer: Aquatec
  • Model number: SWP-6000

Why Aquatec?

Although Aquatec is a relative newcomer to the solar water pumping market, they have been leaders in related fields including water treatment, medical laser equipment heat exchange, and medical endoscope reprocessing water supply since 1976. Aquatec's manufacturing and materials sourcing is all-American and does not depend on foreign suppliers for parts. All wet parts are NSF 018 drinking water safe.

Industry-leading seal - Most submersible pump failures are related to moisture intrusion. Aquatec pumps have addressed this issue by using stainless steel canisters and double O-ring sealing, and by providing factory-installed 36" leads with anti-wicking wires and double O-ring sealed plugs at the cable entry into the pump head. Even if an incorrectly-made cable splice is made in the field by the installer, moisture will not travel into the leads.

Outstanding lifespan - Aquatec's submersible pump brushes have been carefully selected to maximize life. These pumps can reach 4,000 hours before a repair is needed. Heat dissipation is maximized with these pumps' design, and this temperature reduction keeps the brushes as cool as possible and extends their life. Proprietary diaphragm enhancements - including coated wobblers, diaphragm support backer, and specially selected santoprene - extend pump life as well.

Easy integration - No special adapters or tubing additions are needed for installation, as common tubing slides right onto the stainless steel nipple, allowing an easy fit with either older ½" hose barb or newer ⅝" hose barb (equal to ½" drop poly pipe). Aquatec's submersible pumps are ideal for continuous-duty 24-30 VDC operation from today's 60- and 72-cell PV modules.

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