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All-Season Solar Cooker

All-Season Solar Cooker


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Cooks from dawn until dusk, any season, anywhere the sun is shining.

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All-Season Solar Cooker

The All-Season Solar Cooker shifts the paradigm of solar cooking from one mid-day meal to hot breakfast, hot lunch, and hot dinner. No other solar oven can focus enough solar radiation for cooking during the sun’s entire arc across the sky, from sunup to sundown.

Even though sunlight is weaker in the early morning and late afternoon, capturing this energy more than doubles the cooking potential of other solar cookers. Keeping the All-Season Solar Cooker in focus is easy with its simple "Sun Sight" block and pin assembly - the cooker is focused when the Sun Sight's shadow disappears!

Solar cookers are not only an inexpensive way to cook outdoors for camping or picnics; they are also an invaluable addition to an emergency preparedness kit in case of prolonged disruptions to your household gas or electric service. The All-Season Solar Cooker is especially useful as an emergency device because of its portability (only 2.3 lbs) and its ability to provide hot food all day, not just during peak sunlight.

The All-Season Solar Cooker is a solar radiation reflector. To use it for cooking, you will need a dark colored pot or pan. You must surround that pot or pan with a cooking chamber (glass bowls or pie dishes, cooking bags, etc).

How the All-Season Solar Cooker Works

All-Season Solar Cooker Specs

  • 24" W x 24" D x 24" H
  • 2.9 lbs

All-Season Solar Cooker FAQs

  • Q. What materials are used in the All Season Solar Cooker (ASSC)?
    A. The materials used in the ASSC are fluted polyethylene (a completely waterproof and extremely durable plastic panel that is often seen in political yard signs. Absolutely weatherproof and unbreakable, the fluted polyethylene will last for years) and pure aluminum tape with a thickness of .2 mm (this is the heaviest aluminum tape that you can buy. The tape will last for years if you take reasonable care and clean up spills promptly. If you ever need to patch the aluminum surface you can use metal repair tape, which is available in hardware stores).
  • Q. Can I use the ASSC in the wind?
    A. Yes. Just be sure you keep it full of food. The ASSC is very stable in the wind - when in use and loaded with food. Otherwise, it is very light weight (about 2 pounds) and will blow away. Fact: Because the ASSC always sits firmly on a completely flat cooking floor, it is very hard to tip over in the wind. I have used this cooker for many years and have had just one wind related incident when the cooker slid off a smooth plastic table. If used on the ground it has never blown over when in use and filled with food.
  • Q. I live in a very windy area. Any suggestions?
    A. This worked well for me. I went to the hardware store and purchased a 12" square marble tile. The tile is heavy. I covered the tile with aluminum tape from the hardware store ("metal repair tape" in the paint or hardware department). On very windy days I put the tape-covered tile in the bottom of the cooker then set the trivet and pots on top of that. This will provide PLENTY of weight, especially when the pot of food is also in the cooker.
  • Q. What is the purpose of the trivet?
    A. The trivet protects the aluminum and speeds cooking. Always use the trivet. If a moist pan sits on the pure aluminum and is heated, the aluminum will tarnish in the area of the pan. The trivet raises your cooking pot and allows light to hit the bottom of the pot. This increases the heat gathering potential of the pot.
  • Q. How can I care for my ASSC?
    A. Keep it clean. The ASSC will do best if refolded and stored inside its original box. If you don't want to refold the ASSC, just store it face down in a clean area. If stored in this manner, rain will not hurt your cooker.

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