Whistle 911 Emergency Lifesaver Whistle - Orange


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Outdoor Survival Necessity

If you spend time hiking, hunting, boating or other outdoor activities, you should always carry a reliable whistle if you need to attract attention.  Its light and inexpensive and a great complement to other survival gear you may own.

Crime Deterrent
Sound is a major factor in deterring crime and finding victims. This whistle is extremely loud - up to 118 decibels but requires only 1/3 the effort of most other whistles.

Perfect for...
Hikers, campers, boaters, students, parents and sports coaches.


  • Specially designed pea that will not absorb moisture or freeze
  • Made from very durable plastic, making it very hard to break
  • Has double chambers for multiple pitches
  • Unlike metal whistles, ABS plastic will not stick to mouth in cold weather
  • Lip seal prevents loss of air in extreme cold

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