The Gardener's Kitchen Adhesive Canning Labels

The Gardener's Kitchen Adhesive Canning Labels


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When you go to the trouble of making your own salad dressings, pickles, jams, jellies, canned veggies and fruit it seems they deserve a beautiful finishing touch. Especially when you want to give gifts from your garden and kitchen to your friends. When a piece of masking tape, or a plain white label just doesn't cut it, we've created a series of six labels matching the themes of our recipe cards for just such occasions.

Our labels are 1½ x 4 inches. Each packet contains 15 labels. They are made from 60% recycled paper with gum backing, like postage stamps. We anticipate these labels will soon grace some of the finest home canned goods in North America.

Pattern Choices are: Berry, Vegetable, Edible Flowers, Herb or Salsa.

These labels must be dampened before applying.

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