SunPumps SDS-T-135 Submersible Pump


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Maximum Flow: 3.15 gallons per minute at 0 feet

Maximum Lift: 2.86 gallons per minute at 81 feet

(when powered at the maxiumum of 30.00 volts)

2.85 GPM - 80’ TDH

SDS-T series pumps are low cost, high efficiency, positive displacement submersibles designed to be an economical solution for the “solar water pumping” industry. Constructed of Super Strong Ryton and stainless steel, these pumps are extremely durable and corrosion resistant.

The design is an off-spring of the already time proved SDS-Q series pump. There are three standard models to choose from using 304 Stainless Steel housings and hardware. The same pumps can be special ordered with 316 Stainless Steel housings and hardware for highly corrosive water.

They operate on 12 to 30 volts DC that may be supplied from a variety of independent sources including solar panels or batteries. It is the ideal way to provide water for remote homes, campsites, livestock, small farms or for many other needs beyond the power grid.

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