SHURflo 902-100 Pump Controller for 9300 Pump


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Boost your DC solar pumps performance by up to 30%. The SHURflo "LCB - GO" pump controller is a DC power converter designed as an interface between a DC (Solar)-Pump (e.g. SHURflo 9300 series) and a DC power source, like solar panels and wind generators. The main function of this controller is to maximize the daily water output while providing protection for the pump. The solid state controller will protect the pump system and give trouble free service for many years. When used in a solar pumping system, directly connected to the solar power, it will protect the pump from over voltage and over current conditions as well as will provide current boosting in low sunshine (radiation) conditions. With the optional float switch installed, the controller will automatically stop pumping when the reservoir is full.

902-100 Features:
  • Operates on 24 VDC
  • Increases daily water output up to 30%
  • System starts pumping earlier in the morning
  • System stops pumping later in the evening
  • Protects pump from low or high voltage conditions
  • Terminals for float switch
Model 902-100
Max. Array Input Voltage (24V) 45V
Max. Array Input Voltage (12V) N/A
Min. Startup Voltage (24V) 25V
Min. Startup Voltage (12V) N/A
Shutdown Voltage 28V
Max Output Current 5 Amps

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