Solar Attic Fan Kit

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This DC powered high efficiency ventilation fan runs directly from a 45w solar panel, giving you the cooling effect required when the sun is at its hottest. Made from only the best materials available, this kit brings you unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

This "Green" fan has a three wing polypropylene fiberglass blade mounted in a square injection molded fiberglass venturi frame, aluminum stays, high efficiency DC brush motor.This new design makes this product extremely quiet and vibration free, the perfect greenhouse fan, agricultural fan, or attic ventilation fan.



» High efficiency DC motor translates into low power needs

» Cubic feet per minute (CFM) output per watt of power used, unmatched in industry

» Locations for use range from, but are never limited too: green houses, grain houses, barns, cabins, work shops, etc.

» All parts replaceable and/or serviceable

Tech Specs

Hole Cutting Instructions

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