Magnum Energy ME-BMK Battery Monitor with Shunt


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The ME-BMK is a single battery bank amp-hour meter that monitors and provides important information about the condition of the battery. This information will let you know how much energy you have available and let you plan your electrical usage to ensure the battery is not being over-discharged. The ME-BMK is easy to install and is designed to be networked with a Magnum Energy inverter/charger using the ME-RC remote to display the information about your battery bank.

Magnum ME-BMK Manual
Magnum ME-BMK Data Sheet
  • Compatible with 12, 24 or 48 volt systems
  • One adjustable setting - very easy setup
  • All battery meter and Magnum inverter/charger set-up and monitoring features in a single convenient display – doesn't require multiple displays for inverter and battery system information
  • Displays reliable and pertinent information; such as:
  • Battery State of Charge
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Current
  • Auto-detecting input voltage
  • Temperature and battery bank capacity automatically compensated and coordinated between inverter and battery monitor
  • Precision 500A/50mv DC shunt (included in ME-BMK)
  • Automatic efficiency detection

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