Enphase Energy EVRN-RT-01, Smart Thermostat


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Environ is a smart thermostat device that integrates with the Enphase Enlighten website, allowing owners to simultaneously manage their solar system along with their heating and cooling system in a single web-based platform. Benefits Heating and cooling typically account for over 50% of home energy use, adding up to hundreds of dollars every year. Environ makes it easy to take control of your energy usage with web-based thermostat controls. Environ owners can set or adjust their home temperature at anytime and from anywhere, using a web browser or smart phone, as well as directly with the thermostat device. How It Works Environ wirelessly connects to the Envoy Communications Gateway using the Zigbee communications protocol. The Envoy connects the Environ to the internet, allowing it to transmit and receive information from the Enlighten website.

Enphase Environ Smart Thermostat EVRN-RT-01 Data Sheet

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