Deck Monitoring WS5YP005 Weather Station Standard w/5 years monitoring

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Deck Monitoring Weather Station Standard w/ 5 Years Monitoring

Obvius, the leader in cost effective data acquisition and wireless metering solutions that brought you the all-new A8812-x AcquiSuite DR data acquisition server, now introduces the wireless weather station providing high performance and low cost for meteorological sensing, ideal for:

Solar Applications
Boiler and HVAC efficiency verification
Mission Critical Facilities
Other weather dependent processes
The system incorporates wireless Modbus communication, allowing for simple integration into existing metering systems.

Resulting in the simplicity of installation and the lowest total installed cost for logging meteorological data with the option to choose from:

Solar Radiance
Wind Direction and Speed
Temperature and Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure
Rainfall and Leaf Wetness

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