Bogart Engineering PentaMetric Computer Interface PM-101-CE w/ Ethernet connection

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PentaMetric Computer Interface PM-101-CE w/ Ethernet connection

The PentaMetric Ethernet Interface (PM-101-CE) connects to the 4 wire bus from thePentaMetric input device, and connects to a router or computer by an Ethernet cable.  It  allows you to read all the data including the logged data and program all PentaMetric functions  from a remote location through the internet.  The remote computer must have the Windows operating system with the PMComm software (available as a free download from our web site.)   The PMComm program allows viewing of up to 6 items of data simultaneously  on the screen.  

You need to have a local static internet address at the location of the PentaMetric system. Also, it requires version 2.0 or greater of the PentaMetric input unit.  (This can be identified by removing the cover from the Input unit and looking for the chip that has the white label that shows, for example, "V. 2.0F".)  If you do not have this version, it can be upgraded for a small charge. It is housed in an enclosure that is 2.75 x 4.25 x 1 inches.

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