Apollo Solar RD-Wired Remote Display

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RD-Wired Remote Display

Apollo Solar RD-Wired Remote Display

Monitor the PV-Battery System from Anywhere

The Displays provide Battery-System Management in a convenient, portable package. See what the PV array, Charge Controller, Batteries, and Load are doing at any moment. You can also check the results for each day for the last year.

Battery Energy-Monitor Display Is Essential

The TurboChargers includes a built-in Energy Monitor using TriMetric Technology from Bogart Engineering. The monitor tracks power production and consumption, and then calculates the energy remaining in the battery. State-of-Charge (SOC) is displayed in Amp- Hours remaining, and Bar-Graph format, an easy-to read "gas gauge" essential for batterybased systems. The TurboCharger records 90 days of historical data on energy production and usage. The Remote Display shows all the information at a glance in one convenient location, storage is expanded to a year using the SD Memory Card.

Simple installation Easy Set-Up

The wired Remote Display is plug-and-play, and can be added to any TurboCharger in the field. The Network Option Card provides the data and power for the Remote Display utilizing CAT5 cable.

Features of the Apollo Solar RD-Wired Remote Display:

  • For T80 & T80HV TurboCharger
  • Displays comprehensive status of PV Array, Controller, and Battery System
  • Battery State of Charge (SOC) displayed as Bar Graph, and Amp-Hours Remaining
  • PV current and voltage
  • Battery charge/discharge Amps
  • Over a year of system history with an SD Memory Card (included)
  • Use SD card data for PC graphs
  • CAT5 cable sends data and power from the TurboCharger
  • Maximum Cable Length: 1000ft (300m)
  • Desktop Enclosure or Wall Mountable
  • Transflective LCD with backlight

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