OutBack FX2524MT 2.5 kW Off-Grid Inverter/Charger


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OutBack's Mobile and Marine inverter/charger models provide the high performance and reliability you need no matter where your travels take you. Die-cast metal construction allows mounting in any position, even upside down. The required AC input neutral/ground switching is taken care of by a fully integrated 30 amp AC transfer switch for shore chord or generator hook-up. Three circuit boards and a simple design make field servicing the unit easy no matter where you are. Rigorous testing at the factory ensures that each inverter/charger works the first time as well as for many years to come.

All M-Series inverter/chargers produce virtually distortion free AC power for all your mobile electrical needs. Industry leading surge power starts multiple heavy loads simultaneously without the need to run your generator. Innovative power factor corrected battery charging uses multiple stages to recharge your batteries quickly so your generator runs less. Ultra fast AC transfer switch with battery charger back off circuitry allows you to seamlessly take full advantage of your shore cord.

OutBack�s modular design makes expanding your power system as easy as adding an�additional inverter/charger. Integrated network communications makes system setup and monitoring easy through a single MATE2M controller. Very quiet operation allows mounting in noise sensitive areas, even under a bunk. Repairs in the field are easy thanks to a simple three circuit board design.

The OutBack M-Series inverter is the superior choice when you need a reliable, powerful and modular true sinewave inverter/charger.

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FX Circuit Board Replacement Instructions

FXVFX Series Inverter Charger Installation Manual

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