Magnum 4400W 48V Inverter / Charger 4448PAE


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The MS-PAE Series Inverter/Charger from Magnum Energy is a pure sinewave inverter designed specifically for the most demanding renewable energy applications. The unique design of the MS-PAE Series provides two 120VAC output lines that are 180° out-of-phase with each other, so that the combination of the L1 and L2 lines total 240VAC and the voltage between either L1 or L2 and neutral is 120VAC, eliminating the need to purchase two units and stack them together to get 240 volts.

When the power requirements of the system are beyond the capacity of a single MS-PAE Series inverter or the system is expanded as more loads are added, up to four MS-PAE Series inverters can be connected together in a parallel configuration. When connecting inverters in parallel, the overall inverter power and surge capacity is increased to power a large single load or more smaller loads.

  • High wattage output in a small footprint - less weight and area needed for install.
  • Ability to parallel up to four identical MS-PAE inverters to increase output power capability (requires ME-RTR).
  • Pure sine wave output (<5% THD). 120/240 VAC Split phase output in a single inverter.
  • PFC (Power Factor Corrected) multi-stage battery charger.
  • RS485 standard communication protocol.
  • Remote and Network ports (easy connection for optional accessories).
  • ON/OFF Inverter-mounted switch with LED indicator.
  • Large AC access and terminal block [wire size: #18 to #2 AWG (0.82 to 33.6 mm2) CU].
  • DC terminal covers with 360 degree connection.
  • Battery Temperature Sensor - for optimum charging during extreme temperature changes.
  • Field Serviceable for qualified personnel - tested repair kits available. Smooth, aesthetically pleasing design.

MS-PAE Series Manual

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