Fronius 4200102800 IG 2000 Inverter 2000W


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With the Fronius IG product family, Fronius has launched a generation of inverters that is compatible with all solar modules. What makes them so appealing is their intuitive operation, ease of use and the sophisticated self-diagnostic system. This makes the Fronius IG a PV inverter that any system operator would welcome. A large, bright, easy to use LCD display comes standard withevery Fronius inverter. The Fronius IG inverter is lightweight and compact making for a single person inverter installation a reality. Comprehensive system monitoring is easily achieved with the "plug in" ComCard and up to 99 inverters can be monitored with only one Data Logger Web. Each inverter comes standard with integrated UL approved DC and AC disconnects reducing instllation time and total system costs. Unique features such as Fronius MIX tm Technology, High Frequency transformer switching and the module Manager are integrated into the design of the Fronius IG making this a reliable inverter solution.

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