SMA Flush Mount Kit for Sunny Boy 2000HF-US/2500HF-US/3000HF-US (5 pcs.) MOUNT KIT-10-NR


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The Flush Mount Kit is an accessory for the inverters SB2000HF-US, SB2500HF-US and SB3000HF-US. The Flush Mount Kit enables the inverter to be fixed between the posts of lightweight walls. An installation depth of at least 3 9/16in. (90 mm) is needed for the installation

Flush Mount Kit for Sunny Boy HF Series Installation Manual

SUNNY BOY 2000HFUS / 2500HFUS / 3000HFUS Datasheet

SMA Inverters Warranty

SUNNY BOY 2000HF US/2500HF US/3000HF US Install Guide

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