SMA BEAM-BT, Sunny Beam with Bluetooth


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The Sunny Beam communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with up to 12 Sunny Boy inverters and graphically displays key performance data. It features fully automatic system monitoring, including an audible alert signal and it is powered by an integrated solar module and rechargeable battery. The Sunny Beam simultaneously displays power output, daily energy production and the total energy production of the system. It may also be configured to display other parameters such as the overall CO2 offset of your system, as well as your earnings in dollars. A hundred days of system performance data can be recorded and stored, and then simply transferred to a PC via a USB interface. Using the new and included Sunny Beam Webconnect software, the data can in turn be transferred to the Sunny Portal website ( for long-term storage, display, and evaluation. An intuitive set of user menus expedites set-up. The Sunny Beam has a standard range of up to 150 feet but that can be extended or strengthened, in case of obstruction, through the use of the optional SMA Bluetooth repeater.

BEAM-BT Manual

BEAM-BT Specifications

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