MidNite Solar MNE250STM-L 250A Breaker Magnum E-Panel


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Magnum Energy makes a very interesting line of inverters, both modified and pure sine wave. The RE industry is embracing both types of inverters so MidNite builds E-Panels to accommodate all of the RD and MS series. The insides of the Magnum 120VAC E-Panels look much like the Stretched OutBack. Internal AC wires are routed to match the Magnum inverter rather than OutBack. The accessory components like the DC cover, top shield, remote bracket and such are specific to the Magnum E-Panels. Like the Stretched OB E-Panel, the Magnum has a PV input plus and DC plus busbar as well as the regular AC input and output busbars. This chassis is 14.4 inches wide, so has ample room for all your wiring needs. The chassis is only 3.5" deep so wiring access is the best in the industry. All of the present 12 and 24 volt Magnum inverters have a 120VAC inverter/charger input/output as well as a 120VAC input/output that does not go through the electronics. It is strictly a pass through for the other leg of a 240VAC input. The pass through leg can be useful when attempting to utilize both legs of a 240VAC generator. One leg is used for charging and the other is used to pass through to your 240VAC deep well pump. The 120VAC E-Panel here is not able to handle the extra leg of AC, so look to the 240 E-Panel to accommodate this unique feature. Normal installations jumper AC 1&2 on the inverter for 50 amp service at 120VAC.

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