MidNite Solar E-Panel for Magnum MNE175STM-L-240


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This is MidNites flagship E-Panel. It encompasses every suggestion and update. It also accommodates the new Magnum Energy MS4448-AE and MS4024-AE inverters. These inverters are a true 120/240 input and output. Unlike the regular Magnum MS and RD series that have a second 120VAC pass through leg, these inverters are like having a stacked pair of inverters. It will charge from either a 120VAC source or a 240VAC source. The output is 120/240 just like the utility grid. Compare this system with a stacked pair of inverters (from any company) and you will realize thousands of dollars of savings!

  • White steel chassis to match the MS series
  • Black and red AC input terminal busbars
  • Black and red AC output terminal busbars
  • Red terminal bus bars for PV+ and Bat+
  • Six additional din rail slots
  • 500A shunt
  • Ground Busbar
  • Remote bracket
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Inverter cables
  • Charge control mounting bracket
  • 120/240 AC bypass switch pre-wired
  • 120/240 AC input disconnect pre-wired
  •  Powder-coated steel chassis with knockouts to accommodate various install needs.<br>
  • Inverter mounts on a unique hinged door to keep a small system foot-print<br>
  • E-Panel mounting brackets are included to aid in one person installations<br>
  • Inverter battery breaker (175A), inverters cables and snap in grommets included<br>
  • 500 amp/50 mV shunt included for battery monitoring systems<br>
  • Heavy duty 150 amp bus-bars for AC HOT, NEUTRAL, GROUND, BATT +/- and PV + included<br>
  • Dual 50 amp AC input disconnects for generator or utility (prewired)<br>
  • Dual 50 amp inverter AC Bypass Switch (prewired)<br>
  • Bracket included for mounting optional charge controller (Classic or MX60)<br>
  • Inverter, remote control and charge controller mounting hardware included<br>
  • One rectangular cut-out for mounting a North American GFCI style AC outlet<br>
  • Space for mounting up to six additional 13mm wide din-rail mount AC and DC breakers<br>
  • Conforms to UL508A 1st Edition and CSA C22.2 #14-M95 (Industrial Control Panel)

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