Rolls Surrette S6460AGM 6 Volt Battery


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The Rolls Surrette S6-460AGM (S6460AGM) Deep Cycle Battery features a high cycle life without the need for maintenance. The AGM technology (Absorbed Glass-Mat) keeps the electrolyte (Acid) contained in the glass mats allowing the S6-460AGM (S6460AGM) to not expel any liquids even under severe overcharge. The S6-460AGM (S6460AGM) is a non-hazardous battery resulting in lower shipping costs and can also be shipped via air. AGM batteries have an extremely low internal resistance giving them a very low self-discharge rate.

Rolls Surrette takes the L-16 size battery to even higher levels by improving the capacity and service life. This battery is heavier than the typical L-16 type, and is unsurpassed in reliability. The Rolls Surrette S6-460AGM (S6460AGM) is a direct AGM replacement for lead acid batteries like the Trojan L16H. The S6-460AGM (S6460AGM) is a six volt battery with a capacity of 460 Amp Hrs. @ 100 Hr. rate or 415 Amp Hrs @ 20 Hr. rate. The terminals are dual type which consists of an auto post along with a stud.

Warranty is 5 years (First 24 months free replacement, next 36 months prorated).

For a single string of 460 Amp Hrs. @100 Hr rate, you will need 2 of the S6-460AGM (S6460AGM) for a 12-volt system, 4 of the S6-460AGM (S6460AGM) for a 24-volt system and 8 of the S6-460AGM (S6460AGM) for a 48-volt system. Each additional string will multiply the Amp Hrs.


Model ROLLS S6-460AGM
Voltage 6 Volts
Capacity @ 75 Amps 240 Minutes
Capacity @ 25 Amps 850 Minutes
Amp Hours / 20 hr 415 AH / 20A to 5.25V
Amp Hours / 10 hr 345 AH / 34.5A to 5.25V
Amp Hours / 5 hr 311 AH / 62.2A to 5.1V
Length 11.61" (295 mm)
Width 7.04" (179 mm)
Height 15.9" (404 mm)
Weight 123 lbs (56 kg)

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