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Power Inverters

Power inverters let you use your solar power or other renewable energy system’s DC electricity with the AC appliances you know and love. Real Goods offers a wide variety of both off-grid and grid-tie power inverters, from small RV and marine inverters to solar power inverters that can deliver kilowatts at a time from a PV system.

Many of our larger power inverters come with built-in battery chargers that automatically switch on anytime outside AC power becomes available from a generator or the electrical grid. This provides a simple backup battery charging solution for times when the primary renewable energy source isn’t keeping your batteries charged. If you use an inverter without battery charging built in, we also sell deep cycle battery charging tools.

"You want an inverter that will deliver enough wattage to start and run all the AC appliances you might turn on at the same time, but no bigger than necessary. Lower-cost inverters usually leave out some protection equipment. If you find yourself tempted to buy a cheap inverter, go ahead and buy a backup too."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 4: From Panel to Plug