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RV, Marine & Mobile Inverters

RV inverters and marine inverters provide AC power to run a few small or medium sized electronics in remote off-grid situations. They are frequently used in recreational vehicles or on boats, but an RV or marine inverter is simply an inverter intended for mobile use that is smaller and delivers less power than a standard household inverter for a full renewable energy system.

RV inverters and marine inverters can produce either square or sine wave AC power. They are durable, typically under 1000 Watts, and rated for mobile applications, providing a great way to power the gadgets you can’t leave behind on your next camping or boating trip.

"Inverters are sized according to their output in wattage. More wattage capability will cost more money initially. Asking a brand-name inverter for more power than it can deliver will result in the inverter shutting down. Asking the same of a cheapo inverter may result in the unit going up in smoke."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 4: From Panel to Plug

RV, Marine & Mobile Inverters from Real Goods