Grid-Tie Inverters

A grid-tie inverter converts your renewable energy system’s DC power into standard household 120-volt AC so you can use your system’s power on demand. A grid-tie inverter also lets you send (and in many cases, sell) the renewable energy you don’t use to the electrical grid.

Grid-tie inverters are straightforward and relatively inexpensive since they don’t need to function as battery chargers or charge controllers. Real Goods offers high-quality sine wave and square wave grid-tie inverters from top manufacturers like SunPower, Fronius, SMA, and more.

"With very rare exceptions, sine wave inverters will happily run any appliance that can plug into utility power. Motors run cooler and more quietly on sine wave, and solid-state equipment has no trouble. True sine wave inverters deliver top-quality AC power and are almost always a better choice for household use."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 4: From Panel to Plug

Grid-Tie Inverters from Real Goods