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Portable Power Systems

Portable power systems provide practicality, comfort, and peace of mind off the grid or in disaster-prone areas. Portable power systems bring electricity to tools at mobile work sites, refrigeration to remote cabins, lights and music to off-grid adventures, and charged-up phones and radios to emergencies.

Real Goods' own Portable Plug & Play Off-Grid Power System is a complete and customizable portable power system that incorporates some of our favorite components. These kits are built on demand at the Real Goods Tech Desk and can be customized to suit your portable power needs. Call the Tech Desk at 800-919-2400 for assistance designing your own!

"In addition to reliability, renewable energy provides FREEDOM. Freedom from the grid, freedom to do what you love. Meanwhile, you'll have your electronic gear charged up and ready to go so you're prepared in case of a power outage or emergency."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 5: Emergency Preparedness and Solar Mobility

Portable Power Systems from Real Goods