Sealed AGM Batteries

AGM batteries (absorbed glass mat batteries) use sealed cells. This design makes them more self-sufficient and allows them to handle long periods of inactivity since they don't need regular discharging, watering, or off-gassing checks. Sealed AGM batteries' simplicity makes them a good choice for off-grid vacation homes or cabins where use is intermittent, and they tend to be a bit less expensive than gel cell batteries, the other sealed cell battery type.

"Q: What voltage should my system run?
A: Generally, systems under 2kWh per day are fine at 12 volts, systems up to 7kWh per day are good at 24 volts, and larger systems should be running at 48 volts. These aren't ironclad guidelines by any means."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 4: From Panel to Plug

Sealed AGM Batteries from Real Goods