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Battery Charging

Proper battery charging can be a bit of an art even while attempting to follow manufacturer’s guidelines. Regular battery charging and discharging is an essential part of maintenance for keeping your lead acid batteries healthy. Offgrid lead-acid systems should be charged fully daily if possible, and at least every week. Ongrid, when batteries are usually in float, they should be discharged a few times a year to keep them exercised, recharging them immediately thereafter.

Most of our solar charge controllers utilize a Bulk -> Absorb -> Float protocol (which has become the industry standard method for the lead-acid chemistry) as do many of our solar power inverters with their built-in battery chargers.

When additional charging current is needed, or when a DC source is needed to power a load directly and only AC power is available, we recommend Iota's DLS power supplies along with the IQ4 module.

"A fully charged lead acid battery can survive temperatures as low as -40°F without freezing, but as the battery is discharged, the liquid electrolyte becomes closer to plain water. At 50% charge level, a battery will freeze at approximately 15°F. This is the lowest level you should ever let your batteries reach."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 4: From Panel to Plug

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