Pro Fill Battery Watering Kit for 24V Systems - BG-U24VV-1

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Pro Fill Battery Watering Kit for 24V Systems - BG-U24VV-1

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Save a lot by investing a little - Single Point Watering Systems

Fill your batteries in seconds

Over-watering or under-watering your battery are two of the most common causes of battery failure. Over-watering a battery creates spills that deplete the acid in the battery. This can create a capacity loss that can only be corrected with an acid adjustment. Irreparable damage may occur if the battery is under-watered to where the water level drops below the top of the plates. In the heat of the summer, battery refills are needed more frequently; how attentive are you to your water levels? How much time do you or your personnel waste by manually watering each battery cell?

A single-point watering device greatly decreases the amount of time needed to water your batteries. Once a battery has been charged and cooled, simply connect the supply line to the battery line, and the battery is refilled quickly, safely and effectively. There is no guess work to filling your batteries; just connect the supply line and allow the system to fill your batteries to the proper level. The supply line can be connected to a faucet or hand pump for convenient watering. The cell valves automatically close when the water level is appropriate.

For use in a 24V System with Four 6V Crown, US Battery or Trojan Batteries

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