Real Goods ChicoBag

Real Goods ChicoBag


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There’s just so many reasons to love ChicoBag: from its’ well-constructed design (you can’t lose the stuff bag, it’s sewn into the interior seam) to the recycled RePete fabric, the number of paper bags it saves, the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and the plastic trash it prevents – it’s a short list, but an important one. Now, for just half of the usual selling price, you can get your own Real Goods Classic ChicoBag, attractively embellished with our legacy Real Goods logo and the inspirational message “turning inspiration into action since 1978.” You may not have thought to start back in 1978, but it’s never too late to make a contribution to the overall health of our planet through reducing, reusing, and recycling—starting here with your own reusable Real Goods ChicoBag. Choose from four colors-the logo is the same on each.

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