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  • From Sherry Perkins at 10/21/13 2:23 PM
    • Where is this lantern made?
    • R.E. Dietz Company Limited (DIETZ) was founded by Mr. Robert Edwin Dietz in New York, U.S.A. in 1840 and began manufacturing kerosene lanterns, which are commonly known as hurricane lanterns. The terminology reflects the characteristic of the lanterns for safety use in hurricane weather. In commemoration of United States of America’s bicentennial, Dietz produced a limited edition of no. 50 Bi-Centennial lantern, which was a tribute to the country’s historic past.

      Since its establishment in 1840, Dietz has continually emphasized ongoing research and development with the aim of improving existing products and developing new products in order to satisfy market requirements. It was one of the major manufacturers that had developed numerous pioneer technologies on manufacturing of lanterns. Some of them won awards and obtained patents during the past century.

      In order to reduce production cost and increase market share, Dietz relocated its production facilities from New York, U.S.A. to Hong Kong in 1956 and subsequently from Hong Kong to China in 1988. It maintained its head office in Hong Kong for administration, financing, logistics, marketing and sales. Dietz’s policy to provide good and reliable lanterns at reasonable and affordable prices has earned good reputation and established good brand recognition and image in the lantern industry. This policy has always been kept although production has been moved from U.S.A. to Hong Kong and subsequently to China.

      To keep pace with fast-moving market trend and innovation on technology, Dietz has always kept a team of experienced and talent staffs to meet market challenge. Dietz lanterns are renowned for their supreme quality and being widely used as the industry standard.
  • From R Harstad at 11/5/13 11:12 PM

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