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  • From Karen at 8/7/13 12:43 PM
    • What sort of items can be charged with the Orange Joos Solar Charger?
    • Almost anything.

      With 5 volt / 1amp output and a 5400 mAh battery; The JOOS Solar Charger can charge literally any device that accepts a USB power input. When fully charged, the Orange JOOS has enough solar power to nearly fill an iPad Battery (6944mAh) and can charge an iPhone5 (1440 mAh) over 4 times. This allows you to charge your devices without leaving them in the sun, just stick the Joos charger in a backpack with your phone or tablet and stay powered on the go. With the panel in the sun, the charging ability is much greater, and can provide a full charge even to the Google's hefty 9000mAh Nexus 10 battery.

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