Soapstone Griddle

Soapstone Griddle


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This handsome, dual sided, Soapstone Griddle/Grill Combo will transform your stove into an indoor grill and help you cook like a pro on your outdoor BBQ for all your essential eats, resulting in better health for the whole family!

Handcrafted entirely from one solid block of soapstone, this durable grill & griddle combination is rated for use up to 1200 degrees, over twice that of traditional cast iron and other metal cookware. Soapstone is one of the safest and most efficient cook surfaces available and naturally provides a non-stick cooking surface.

Indoors, on your gas or electric range, we recommend using the flat griddle side to grill everything from bacon & eggs to meat, fish & veggies! In the oven, use it as a pizza stone or cookie sheet. With its uniform heat distribution, you can count on the entire surface to cook evenly using relatively low heat.

Outdoors, flip it over and set the grooved grill side upright on your grilling rack! Barbeque like a pro, keep veggies from falling though the rack, and use high heat to lock in flavors while significantly reducing the risk of producing cancer causing carcinogens.

Weight: 15lbs

Dimensions: 11.5"x15"

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