Primus OmniFuel Stove

Primus OmniFuel Stove


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OmniFuel uses very advanced materials to offer advanced functionality and is designed to handle demanding conditions, extreme altitudes and both high and low temperatures. OmniFuel is a sturdy stove that works with LP gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel and kerosene even aviation fuel. Using the separate control knob, the flame can be adjusted to provide the exact heat required. The ErgoPump, the multi-tool with an integrated cleaning needle, nylon stuff sack and the windscreen and heat reflector are included.


Weight: 441 g / 15.6 oz. (with fuelpump),
339 g / 12 oz. (without)
Dimensions: 140 x 85 x 70 mm, 5.5" x 3.3" x 2.8"

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