10 Day LED Lantern


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SKU: R18524

The 10 Day LED Lantern from eGear will light up your nights and packs enough juice to use on full power for an entire season of camping without the need for new batteries. We recommend pairing it with a set of HiTech Rechargable Batteries and a Universal Battery Charger for maximum savings and energy efficiency.


  •     Incredible 10 DAY burn time on low setting
  •     40 hours burn time on high setting
  •     12 Ultra Bright LEDs never need replacing
  •     Battery Operated (4 D Batteries)
  •     Adjustable Brightness Dimming Switch
  •     Energy Efficient LED bulbs last over 100,000 hours
  •     Weather-Resistant
  •     Cool Touch LED bulb keeps lantern cool
  •     360° Light
  •     Transluscent Brim

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