Solio Clip Mini Solar and USB Rechargeable LED Light

Solio Clip Mini Solar and USB Rechargeable LED Light


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Let the sun light up your night.

The next time you head out on a far-off adventure, don’t forget to bring along the Solio CLIP-MINI USB/Solar Rechargeable LED Light. Boosting a high efficiency solar panel and an integrated rechargeable battery, the CLIP-MINI allow you to use the clean energy of the sun to keep your light burning through the night. Stop limiting how far you’re able to go out of fear that your flashlight will run out of juice. Say good-bye to disposable batteries, and say hello to the Solio CLIPMINI Solar Flashlight.

Lighting Specs:  Max Light Output: 8.4 Lumens

Bulb Type:  4 x White LEDs

Beam Type:  White Spot, Red.

Power:  Flood,

Charge Rate:  USB (5v-450mA), via Solar: 5-7 hours, via USB: 1 hour.

Play Time:  A fully charged CLIP-MINI will give you: 3 hours of light in 100% mode, 9 hours of light in 50% mode, 33 hours of light in 10% mode.

Comes with:  Micro USB to USB cable - for charging the CLIP-MINI via USB port or the wall.

Weight/Dims:  6.3 x 2.6 x 0.8 in. - 3.6 oz

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