MidNite Solar MNE250XW 250A E-Panel


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MidNite Solar E-Panel for a single Xantrex XW inverter/charger.
The XW inverter is mounted directly above the E-Panel for a 16” assembly.

Inverter battery breaker,
2 separate 60 amp AC inputs for generator and utility,
60 amp AC bypass switch,
Knockouts for up to seven din rail mount DC,
DCGFP63 or AC breakers and 12 panel mount or DC-GFP80 breakers.
Massive tin plated copper bus bars directly connect to the XW’s battery terminals,
Bus bars for AC inputs, AC output, neutral, ground, PV + in, PV- in, Bat +, Bat-, 500 amp shunt,
Metal dead front behind the reversible door,
Charge controllers mount to either side or both sides at once for dual controllers.
AC bypass can be configured as input & output on/off as well as AC bypass.
The XW MPPT controller requires no mounting bracket. FM60, FM80 and Classic require Right or Left E-Panel charge control mounting brackets.
Right hand bracket furnished standard.

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