MAXSA Innovations Solar LED Flag Light


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Leave Your Flag Up Overnight! Light up your flag all night long. Fits any flagpole up to 4 inches in diameter. Our solar flag light stays on for up to 6 hours at full power or for up to 12 hours at half power. The included 6-inch crystalline solar panel collects energy during the day, and at dusk, the 0.5W super-bright LED light turns on automatically, showing the flag the respect it deserves!

  • Turns on automatically at dusk. One-piece unit includes adjustable solar panel.
  • Exclusive pole-mount bracket installs easily to flagpoles without tools.
  • Provides up to 12 hours of light.
  • Dimension:9.5"Lx8.75"Wx6.25"H.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Weather Proof
  • No Electricity
  • Eco Friendly

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