Man Law Leather BBQ Gloves


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"Ya Don't Wanna Mess With a Guy Cook'n on the Grill" 

Black Leather BBQ Gloves: These heavy duty leather gloves protect your arms and hands while cooking over a hot grill or open campfire. Extra protection and heat resistant up to 500 F. Rugged construction, flame resistant for outdoor use. Anti-abrasion, 14" gruntlet for protecting hands and forearms from the heat. Black Leather Suede with yellow detail, 14 inches long. Made for MAN SIZED HANDS! "Man-Laws" Included with each item.

  • 14" Leather Gloves
  • Flame resistant, protection and heat retardant up to 500℉
  • 14" Gaunlet for protecting hands and forearms from heat
  • Anti-abrasion
  • Rough-finish

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