Magnum MPDH175-30D Magnum Panel Dual Enclosure with 2-175A DC breakers, 125A AC Bypass and 30A dual AC input breaker


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Magnum Panel, Dual High (-30D) is designed to acommodate two to four* MS-PAE Series inverters stacked in a parallel configuration.

*Note: the first two MS-PAE inverters mount on top of the MPDH (-30D) enclosure; each additional MS-PAE inverter requires a MPXDxxx-30D extension enclosure.

MPDH175-30D includes: 
  · Two 175ADC disconnect breakers
  · Two dual 30A AC input breakers
  · AC output breaker
  · AC bypass breaker
  · 1000A/100mv DC shunt

The owners manual for this series of inverters is a large download, available here.

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