Linear Current Booster 12/24 Volt DC, 10A, PPT 12-24-10


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Used to control and power a DC motor from a solar panel. The unit prevents stalling of the motor under less than full sun condition. The power of the sun is transformed to the motor running conditions so as the sun goes down the motor slows down instead of stalling. Conversely, or as the sun comes up the motor starts running much earlier instead of staying stalled for hours when it could be running. This translates into more running time of the motor where it spends a lot of time working instead of stalled doing no work.

  • Voltage Limited Output
  • Internal Fuse- 15 amp automotive style fuse
  • Greatly increases water flow, even under reduced sunlight conditions (over 40% likely)
  • Transient Protected on the input and output
  • Float Switch input for on/off control
  • Single Unit Switchable 12 V or 24 V
  • Ultra High Efficiency >94 %

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